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Case Study: Installing a 6kW stand-alone solar energy system in Sydney’s Blue Mountains Vanam Retreat – from generator to an off grid solar power system Vanam Retreat is a stunning home located in Sydney’s Blue Mountains. At the time of the project, the Retreat was in the finishing stages of construction. We were asked to

Solar Panels Penrith
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Solar Panel End of Life: What Happens To Old Panels?

There’s been a lot of good news about solar power recently, but an article published by the Sydney Morning Herald earlier this week encourages solar panel owners to have a think about what happens to their solar panels when they have reached end of life.

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A Guide To Solar Power For Penrith Homeowners

Going solar might be a no-brainer for homeowners in Penrith, however, there’s research to be done and quotes to compare before anything is settled. This guide is a great place to start.

Quality Solar Panel Install
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Why You Should Pay More for Quality Solar Panels

A cheaper solar panel deal usually isn’t something to get excited about unless it’s a deal from a large, trusted manufacturer with a good track record.

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What Questions Should Penrith and Blue Mountains Homeowners Ask Before Buying Solar Panels?

Our typical customer in the Penrith and Blue Mountains communities comes to us with a million questions about our solar panels and our installation processes. We love answering these questions because it’s important that a new solar owner understands their system in order to get the most out of it. Sometimes we’ll come across a

carbon positive solar panel
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How Long Does It Take Solar Panels To Be Carbon Positive?

A common point raised in renewable energy discussions is that the environmental cost of producing items such as solar panels is high. After all they are made from non-renewable resources and fossil fuels. Common objection: “The environmental costs to produce solar panels are more than you’ll ever save…” We asked Markus Lambert, National Solar Manager

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Solar, Wind and Bio Power: A Bright Future for Australian Farmers

Recently the Clean Energy Council (CEC) shared their favourite solar power success stories from farmers around Australia. At E-Smart Solar, we know what a difference solar can make. That’s why we wanted to share 5 great stories from CEC with our customers and neighbours in the Blue Mountains and surrounds. Pace Farm Our first solar

solar news
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Our Clean Energy Council News

We’re proud to announce that E-Smart Solar has signed on to the Clean Energy Council Solar Retailer Code of Conduct, a voluntary scheme authorised by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

Are you confused about the difference between monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels and which is best for your home? Let E-Smart solar talk you through it.
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Monocrystalline vs polycrystalline solar panels – which one do I choose?

It’s the question of the moment in Sydney’s Penrith and Blue Mountains communities, so we break it down It’s a question that’s been coming up a lot lately. All of the information can be overwhelming, and with the technology behind solar it’s hard to know exactly where the sweet spot is with panels unless you’re

Eco retreat in the Blue Mountains
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Why now the right time to invest in solar panels for your business

With costs increasing, more and more commercial clients are looking to run leaner. With solar, you can too – and now is the perfect time to install With rising electricity costs and a significant decrease in the cost of solar systems, solar power has become an incredibly cost-effective energy alternative for businesses. The larger corporations

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The pros and cons of solar energy for your home

Five things to consider before investing in solar Using solar energy to meet your power demands reduces costs while also making you more environmentally friendly. But it’s also an investment, which means that you need to consider both the pros and the cons of installing solar energy in your home. If you’re thinking about solar,

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