In the serene, picturesque setting of the Blue Mountains, the Hawkesbury, and the wider Penrith area, there’s more than just the natural beauty captivating the residents.


Here, amidst the lush greenery and sprawling landscapes, homeowners are looking to shield themselves
from ever-increasing electricity bills.

The one clear solution is solar with home storage batteries. This is not just a short-term trend, but a
practical, empowering development towards energy self-sufficiency.

Whether investing in a battery is worth it for you depends on your motivation. If your goal is financial gain, taking advantage of time-of-use tariffs, where electricity rates vary throughout the day, can make a significant difference. By storing electricity when rates are low and releasing it when rates are high, you can maximize your savings and potentially pay off the battery quickly.

Essentially, the value of storing electricity lies in capitalizing on these tariff variations. As time-of-use tariffs become more prevalent, owning a storage battery is increasingly becoming a smart investment strategy for homeowners. At E-Smart Solar, we can help you navigate these opportunities and determine if a battery is the right choice for your needs and goals.

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Efficient use of surplus solar energy

Solar systems even if sized correctly for the home’s consumption will have moments when they generate more energy than a household can use immediately.

Instead of the solar installation exporting this surplus back to the grid for minimal financial return, you can now store it in batteries. These batteries store power and enable usage during non-generating periods like evenings, nights, or cloudy days, ensuring a continuous power supply without depending on expensive power from the grid.

E-Smart offers modern lithium-ion batteries from major brands such as Tesla and Sungrow and when we design the system we make sure the battery capacity is well-sized for your home. Our systems come with home battery backup to make sure the stored energy is available anytime. The home battery can then also support the car battery of your EV via night charging, creating true energy independence.

While many utility companies hope to keep you in high electricity bills, we say get an energy storage system with a solar panel system, as this home battery system setup will allow you to remove the stress of bill shock from your life.


Reduced reliance on the grid

In regions like the Blue Mountains and Penrith, the benefits of reduced dependence on the traditional power grid are bigger than in other areas. This is because in some areas, especially the wider Blue Mountains the grid is already unreliable, causing regular blackouts.

If we do not undertake power line upgrades soon, the significant uptake of EV charging in other regions will strain the grid.

So particularly during these power outages, brownouts, or severe weather events, installing a battery means reliable power. This shift towards energy self-sufficiency is increasingly vital in a world where traditional energy infrastructures are under strain.


Generating income with Virtual Power Plants (VPP)

An emerging and lucrative aspect of solar batteries is the opportunity to join a Virtual Power Plant (VPP). Homeowners can contribute excess energy to a communal energy pool during peak demand times. This not only aids in stabilising the grid but also offers financial incentives, making it an attractive proposition for those looking to achieve a faster ROI on their battery.

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Is battery storage right for you?

Solar batteries are an excellent fit for households with a solar system of at least 5 to 6kW, aligning energy consumption with periods of low solar generation. If lower Feed-In Tariff credits are no longer covering a significant portion of your electricity bill, or if reducing grid dependence is a priority, a solar battery could be an ideal solution.

The larger the solar system you get and the more electricity demand your household has, the better a battery payback can be. While a quality solar system purchased alone can achieve a payback in around 4 years a battery & solar combo can increase this timeframe by about 2 years, but the overall comfort advantages are significant.

Why not do it once and do it right and get solar, battery, and EV charging installed all at once, and say goodbye to bill shock?

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Affordable alternatives and solutions

For those cautious about the initial investment, there are cost-effective alternatives, that E-Smart Solar can advise on.

Solar Energy Diverters – These devices can redirect surplus solar energy to heat electric hot water systems, effectively using the free electricity generated by your solar panels.

Smart Relays -These can connect to appliances like air conditioners and pool pumps, activating them when excess solar energy is available, thereby optimising energy usage.

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Invest in your energy future

The communities in the Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury, and Penrith stand as prime examples of the shift towards sustainable, self-sufficient renewable energy. This move towards solar with battery storage is not just an investment in technology but a commitment to a more resilient, independent energy future.

Embracing battery storage solutions can transform your home’s energy landscape

making your journey towards renewable energy both practical and empowering.

So contact us today for a free obligation free consultation.