Why you should harness the Blue Mountains sun

By Your Energy Media

6 months ago

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Keep your solar shining bright with proper maintenance and repairs

Nestled amidst the gum trees and sandstone cliffs of the Blue Mountains, many local homes bask in the golden glow of afternoon sunshine. Powering that idyllic lifestyle might just be your own solar & battery system, humming away on your rooftop.

But just like your trusty car or that ever-reliable fridge, even the best solar and battery systems need a little TLC to keep them churning out clean energy year after year. So here are E-Smart’s solar maintenance tips for all solar systems from the Blue Mountains all the way to Penrith.

Early bird detectives: Spotting trouble before it bites your budget

Remember the days of staring in dread at a monstrous electricity bill? With solar & batteries, those fears become distant memories.

But vigilance is key. Software like Solar Analytics acts as your solar system’s watchful eye, tracking its performance. Any sudden dips in power output, especially when sunshine is abundant, could signal trouble brewing.

Don’t wait for disaster – it’s time to call in the solar cavalry when you notice lower production for a few weeks! We at E-Smart Solar can check what is the reason and get you back into full production.

2-year maintenance check-ups

Think of it as a spa day for your renewable energy system. Every two years, invite the experts from E-Smart Solar for a thorough check-up. They’ll give your panels a professional clean, scrubbing away the dust, debris, those cheeky bird souvenirs, and Blue Mountains eucalyptus sap, ensuring the modules going forward soak up every ray of sunshine.

But the pampering doesn’t stop there. Skilled electricians will meticulously inspect every corner, checking for loose screws, dodgy wires, and any signs of wear and tear. Is the battery management system operating as it was designed?

Think of it as a safety audit, keeping both your system and your peace of mind in tip-top shape.

Safety first – let’s examine the heart of your solar PV system

Remember those dramatic thunderstorms that roll across the Blue Mountains? Your solar power system needs to be ready for anything. E-Smart Solar’s inspection goes beyond the surface, delving into the heart of your system, the PV inverter.

They’ll also check junction boxes for watertight seals, confirm emergency shutdown procedures are in place, and ensure all safety standards are met. Having a superhero on the roof keeps your solar system invincible against the local elements.

Proactive replacements – avoiding costly surprises

Just like replacing worn-out tires on your car, certain parts of your solar system need a refresh after as many years. The culprit? Our beloved Aussie weather.

Think of it as a small investment in the future. Replacing a couple of sun-baked DC isolators on the roof is a breeze, and E-Smart Solar will keep you in the loop with transparent quotes, so there are no nasty surprises down the line.

The essential PV array checklist

E-Smart Solar’s maintenance checklist is like a treasure map, ensuring every vital part of your solar & battery system gets the TLC it deserves.

Safety checks

Double-check safety protocols and manufacturer recommendations. Think of it as making sure your solar energy system plays by the rules, keeping everyone safe and happy.

Scrutinise every component. Voltage, earth fault protection, even the quirks of sunshine and local bird life chewing on cables – nothing escapes their eagle eyes.

Review emergency and maintenance procedures. No one likes surprises, especially with power outages.

Check switches for smooth operation and safety. Think of it as a necessary double-check, as weather and wind over many years can cause issues, that a thorough inspection will identify.

PV panel junction boxes

Guarantee watertight seals on junction boxes. A leaky junction box ruins solar system efficiency and water damage affects safety switches, even the good ones.

 Wires & shading

Hunt down any sneaky exposed wires. Because let’s face it, wires should be fully covered.

Clear leaves from under your PV panels because free-flowing air helps to cool solar panels.

Assess any new shade or construction culprits.

Are trees growing taller? Are new buildings blocking the sun? E-Smart Solar will help you navigate these shade-causing challenges with advice to minimise such power output interruptions.

PV array cleaning

Shower your panels until they are sparkling clean. Because who doesn’t like basking in the sunshine on a sparkling clean surface?


E-Smart can help

E-Smart Solar will run electrical tests to make sure everything is humming along. Think of it as a doctor’s stethoscope for your solar & battery system.

Thinking of expanding because you need more renewable energy or a bigger battery capacity. E-Smart can help you in these circumstances as well. We are only 1 phone call away.

A final word – Do not inspect the panels or clean them yourself. 

Remember those warning labels on your solar switches? They’re not just decorations.

Live panels have high voltage DC and they can be dangerous. Attempting DIY cleaning or repairs is like playing hopscotch in a minefield. Which cable is safe to touch?


Where do I direct the water hose? How much pressure will not damage my panels? And then all the issues with heights and ladders. We say leave inspecting and cleaning to the experts and call E-Smart Solar for your local support.