What were Fiona’s environmental reasons for buying a high quality solar system?

By E-Smart Solar

2 years ago

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Meet our dear customer, Fiona. Read her story of what her environmental reasons are for buying a high quality solar power system.

I’m Fiona, we’re in Katoomba in the Blue Mountains. John and I are both very keen and passionate birdwatchers, and we’re conservationists and I see alternative energy as a wider umbrella that we all fit together to contribute back to the planet.

I love nature. I want things to continue to be beautiful and I think we’re part of a bigger picture and we all need to contribute to that but we need to make this planet last longer and be as beautiful as it always has been.

We’ve been very happy to become more self-sustainable, environmental and I thought doing solar energy was our first step. It was very achievable and I do like that domestic way of making a contribution to the larger picture.

Solar energy is a big part and something we have really concentrated on. We really wanted to be early adopters on taking on the solar revolution so that we could personally make a contribution that we felt we could do and we’ve actually found it quite easy to do, not as intimidating or as difficult as you’d think. We’re now completely self-sufficient without electric power. I think we’ve paid about 18 cents in power since we went solar.

High efficiency solar system

I would recommend a high quality solar. I’ve always been very keen on buying good quality products and E-Smart Solar was able to provide that. I want things to last and don’t want things to go to the tip all the time, it’s a lot of waste. If you can buy good quality stuff in the beginning, make it go for a long time. It’s good to have a local company like E-Smart Solar that will come and give you back up if there are any problems, tweak things a little bit if they need to be and if you want to expand in the future, which we plan to do.

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