Embarking on the journey to off-grid living is an exciting venture

filled with opportunities for energy independence, sustainability, and harmony with the environment. A key component of this lifestyle is a reliable, well-sized, and efficient stand-alone solar system.

If you’re in the Blue Mountains, Penrith, and Hawkesbury area, choose E-Smart Solar as your top choice for transitioning to living without being connected to the power lines. Here’s why E-Smart Solar is your go-to partner for this technology.

Off Grid

Extensive experience in off-grid systems

E-Smart Solar has spent the last decade dedicating itself to mastering stand-alone solar solutions. With hundreds of successful installations under their belt, their team possesses not just theoretical knowledge, but practical, hands-on experience.

This depth of experience means we can handle a wide variety of scenarios and challenges that might arise during your PV array installation and in later years.

We know all aspects of quality solar battery systems. From choosing the most reliable system components, to how to size the correct battery storage to deciding if a small wind turbine could be useful and if we should lithium-ion technology or the more traditional lead acid batteries.

Especially for homes located in remote areas, ensuring that your energy source supplies power in the long term means that every aspect of the system installation must be undertaken with care and precision.

While in a grid energy solar system, it is not as critical to have every aspect of the grid power in top shape, with stand-alone every aspect needs to be 100% and more. As you are not connected to the electricity grid the comfort of your family and yourself depends on the security of your power supply. That’s where E-Smart Solar comes in.

tailored solutions

Tailored solutions for individual needs

Every individual setup is unique, reflecting the diverse needs and locations of those who choose this path. E-Smart Solar excels in providing bespoke customised solutions. We take the time to understand your specific energy needs, geographic location, and lifestyle, ensuring the system we design and install is perfectly suited to you and will keep your family in a reliable power supply for a long time.

Selectronics inverters

Quality products and cutting-edge technology

When it comes to living in an autonomous situation, the quality of your solar panels and battery products is non-negotiable. E-Smart Solar commits to using only top-tier, durable like the Australian-made Selectronics inverters that offer high efficiency and longevity.

They stay abreast of technological advancements in solar and battery technology, offering you the latest innovations that ensure your system is both robust and future-proof.


Expert installation and precision workmanship

The expertise of the installation team is critical in off-grid solar setups. E-Smart Solar’s team of industry-certified specialists ensures that they carry out every installation with precision and care.

We do not cut corners and our attention to detail guarantees that your system functions optimally from day one and continues to do so for years.


Exceptional after-sales support and education

Transitioning to an off-grid lifestyle is a significant change, and having a reliable company to support your system in years to come is vital. E-Smart Solar prides itself on providing reliable post-installation support.

At E-Smart we offer comprehensive education on how to efficiently manage your new solar system, ensuring you get the most out of your investment and understand the basic maintenance principles.


Commitment to sustainability and community

Choosing E-Smart Solar is not just a personal win; it’s a win for the environment and the local community. By promoting and implementing sustainable energy solutions in our region, we contribute to a lower dependency on fossil fuels.

As a local business in Emu Plains, we employ locals and we have a vested interest in the well-being of the community, aligning our services with the ethos of environmental stewardship that is to prominent in the Blue Mountains, the Hawkesbury and the wider Penrith area.

Choosing the right service provider is crucial for off-grid solar.


This company is the 100% backup for your home power station. When something goes wrong you need them to be responsive and experienced.

E-Smart Solar in Emu Plains stands out in this field because of its extensive experience and commitment. Their design quality in developing tailored solutions, choosing dependable quality products, expert installation, reliable support, and dedication to sustainability make them an ideal partner for your off-grid solar journey.

Embrace the sun’s power with E-Smart Solar – your reliable guide to a sustainable, off-grid future.

Sometimes the cost to connect to the grid is exorbitant and off-grid is the better option. Sometimes, when the financial details and costs are similar, we have to make a decision.

When contemplating a solar system for your home, the pivotal decision to connect to the power grid or go off-grid is at hand. While many people choose to remain grid-tied for flexibility, the idea of achieving complete energy independence attracts some people. Here’s how the two systems differ:

Off-Grid Solar: Reliance on storing excess power in solar batteries, is crucial for times when solar panels produce more electricity than needed, such as at night or during cloudy weather. The battery bank must be large enough to support the home for several days.

Grid-Tied Solar: Storage in solar batteries is optional; many users go for a larger solar system and leverage net metering programs instead of storing excess electricity, sending it to the grid in exchange for credits.

Off-Grid Solar: Electricity is available only when solar panels generate power or from stored energy in solar batteries, making users dependent on stored electricity during cloudy days or at night. So the reliability and correct design of the solar array are very important.

Grid-Tied Solar: Constant access to electricity from the grid unless there is a power outage, ensuring reliability during periods when solar panels aren’t generating sufficient power.

Off-Grid Solar: No power bills, a significant advantage for those seeking complete freedom from energy companies.

Grid-Tied Solar: Users, despite having a solar system will still receive an electricity bill, including service or delivery charges to maintain grid connectivity. Nevertheless, such bills will be much lower than households without solar.

Off-Grid Solar: Complete independence and unaffected by power grid outages, continuing to function seamlessly with stored energy in solar batteries.

Grid-Tied Solar: Vulnerability to power outages, impacting energy supply when connected to the grid; requires a battery backup system for continued electricity during outages.