String Inverters

Picking the right inverter and getting the size just right is key for your home’s solar setup. The size not only affects the number of panels you can install but also determines if you can add more panels later. Be cautious about going too big on the inverter with too few panels – it might struggle to kick in properly, and we want to make sure everything works smoothly for your family’s solar journey.

While there are a number of inverters on the market, E-Smart Solar will only ever use inverters that comply with Australian Standard AS4777.

fornius inverter
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Optimised energy management

Fronius offers extended warranties (of up to 20 years) with award-winning design, and are reliable and efficient in Australian conditions.

Fronius have stood the test of time – they’re a European brand that has been around since 1945. Their technology is competitive with SMA, and their inverters interact beautifully with all range of solar systems.

SunGrow10kw 3phase
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Sungrow leads in the research and development of solar inverters, possessing the industry’s most extensive dedicated R&D team.

Sungrow has assembled one of the most extensive teams of solar inverter manufacturers in Australia. Furthermore, the company boasts the world’s largest inverter factory, featuring a remarkable global annual production capacity of 145 GW.


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