Why choose E-Smart Solar

E-Smart Solar, located in the heart of Emu Plains,

has served the Blue Mountains and Penrith communities with expertise in renewable energy services for
more than 15 years. The owner Dean Edwards and his staff are lifelong residents of these communities.
They symbolise the company’s deep connection to the area. 

With over 4000 local solar & battery installations E-Smart knows how to build a reliable system that is
custom-designed for the local conditions. 

This local knowledge means clients in the Penrith and Blue Mountains region gain truly personal and
community-centric customer service. Our many 5-star Google reviews are clear proof of our
“The client always comes first approach”. 

Committed to customer service

As the world moves to electrify the planet we are seeing a shift from solar-only installations to comprehensive home energy transformations. This includes integrating batteries, electric car chargers, smart switching, and transitioning from gas to fully electric systems.

This energy journey isn’t a quick fix; it’s a decade-long transformation. That’s why selecting the right partner for the job is crucial. At E-Smart Solar, our local, smaller-scale operation allows us to provide personalized support tailored to your specific needs.

We have a deep understanding of your system’s history and compatibility, enabling us to recommend the best components for your evolving needs. By tapping into monitoring portals, we gather hard data to offer informed advice, ensuring that every step of your energy transformation journey is optimized for efficiency and effectiveness.

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Competitive pricing without compromise

E-Smart Solar knows the Blue Mountains and Penrith area well. We offer good prices for solar and battery systems without sacrificing quality. This commitment ensures that sustainable energy solutions remain accessible to diverse audiences in these areas.

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Reliable and on-time

Drawing on years of experience within the Mountains bushland environment, E-Smart Solar values effective communication. Our company’s commitment to adhering to schedules is excellent and our customer communication is straightforward and clear. 


Experience and expertise

The E-Smart Solar installer team is a certified expert.

We know the specific needs and challenges of the Blue Mountains and Penrith. For example, higher tree coverage will result in more shaded roofs and debris such as leaf litter. We can create solar and battery systems for these conditions so that your systems are working efficiently, saving you money on energy bills.

We know how many local switchboards there are and have contacts for energy distributors and utilities in our area. We even know the best local solar energy plans and are happy to share our knowledge with you.  

Our clients benefit from this wealth of knowledge and skills that come from being a part of this community for decades.

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E-Smart understands that the Blue Mountains can be more humid and Penrith can have extremely hot summer days. So we make sure we only use and recommend top-quality PV equipment that is designed for these conditions. Our quoted PV & battery solutions are durable and efficient and tailored to the unique demands of each customer and the region.

How many panels or what size system will I need?


E-Smart Solar keeps its staff safe by considering all factors when working at heights. We have a good safety record and a comprehensive safety and environmental management system. 

Full insurance coverage provides added peace of mind throughout solar & battery installations.

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Responsive and flexible

E-Smart Solar is family-owned and local with a decade-old track record. We can respond quickly to urgent jobs because we are a large company. Additionally, we can provide flexible services to meet the specific needs of residents in the Blue Mountains and Penrith areas. This ensures a personalised and responsive experience for each client.

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Service Excellence

E-Smart Solar values great service and supporting the community, with its owner being a long-time resident. Residents in the Blue Mountains and Penrith can rely on our team for their technical needs. We know what they need and provide fast communication, visits, a good attitude, and support after the sale.

Solar Accreditations

Our Credentials

E-Smart Solar staff holds multiple accreditations, starting with all relevant electrical licences. 

We are qualified in designing and installing panels and batteries for both grid-connected and off-grid systems. 

We have all the necessary accreditations for stand-alone solar. These are usually more difficult to obtain than those for grid-connected solar power systems.

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E-Smart Solar’s environmental commitment

Being located between Penrith and the beautiful Blue Mountains, E-Smart Solar is very dedicated to environmental sustainability.

Our company adheres to five principles that resonate with the local ethos, including promoting efficient resource use among employees, recycling old solar components, using long-lasting quality solar products, recycling our waste and encouraging sustainable practices among our suppliers.

How we perform our work

E-Smart Solar follows a meticulous process to achieve excellence in solar, battery & EV charger installs. Here are our key steps: 


We begin every project by conducting a comprehensive evaluation. This evaluation utilises our local expertise in geography, power usage, and specific conditions. The purpose of this evaluation is to develop a personalised renewable energy solution.


Customised systems are designed, considering factors such as optimal panel placement, aesthetics, and the unique structural characteristics of these communities.


We prepare a clear, all-inclusive quote, usually with a number of options. Our documents also outline warranty details and product specifications, 


We install to high standards and follow all guidelines from the Clean Energy Council. We install solar systems according to the high standards and guidelines set by the Clean Energy Council. Additionally, we provide clients with comprehensive education on maximising the long-term benefits of their system. This education is presented in a clear and easy manner.


E-Smart Solar provides after-sales technical and warranty support, ensuring ongoing satisfaction for all our customers from Lithgow to Kingswood, near Penrith.

Please contact us at (02) 4703 5411. We can assist you with checking an old small PV system. We can also discuss adding more solar panels, a battery, or a new PV and home storage battery system.

E-Smart Solar is a top solar company in the Blue Mountains and Penrith.


They are known for their technical skills, customer service, and commitment to the environment.

Trust E-Smart Solar for customised, top-notch solar & battery solutions that provide great financial benefits for years to come.