Reliable after-sales service is crucial
for solar systems, such as panels and batteries.


E-Smart Solar is well-known in Emu Plains and serves the Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury, and surrounding areas. Our dedication to customer satisfaction extends well beyond the initial installation phase. Going with E-Smart Solar means we work with you to keep your investment protected for decades to come.

While solar installations are designed to last for decades, the landscape of renewable energy is evolving rapidly. At E-Smart Solar, we recognize the importance of post-sales support in navigating these changes.

With advancements in technologies like batteries, electric vehicle chargers, and innovations such as virtual power plants, the potential for maximizing the benefits of your solar investment is greater than ever. However, it requires understanding and fine-tuning to ensure optimal performance.

Our commitment to after-sales service means that we’re here to help you adapt to these changes. Whether it’s making small adjustments to your system’s programming or providing guidance on new products and features, our team is dedicated to ensuring that you get the most out of your investment in solar and related technologies.


1. Sustaining your solar investment

At E-Smart Solar, we understand that investing in solar power has long-term consequences. We also understand that it is a significant decision. We’re not just a company that installs solar panels—we’re your committed partners throughout your solar journey.

Our dedication goes beyond the initial installation; it’s reinforced by a robust guarantee of our installation workmanship. We take pride in ensuring that your solar system functions optimally for years to come. Our team of seasoned experts doesn’t just leave after the setup; we’re here for the duration, conducting routine maintenance to keep your system running smoothly. This ongoing support underscores our unwavering commitment to fostering a lasting and dependable partnership with you.

are solar roof fires

2. Maximising value in solar investment

At E-Smart Solar, we focus on providing excellent value for your investment by offering high-quality solar systems. While considering upfront expenses is crucial, the true value lies in our comprehensive after-sales support.

Opting for E-Smart Solar means choosing reliability, ongoing maintenance, and dependable assistance. A wise investment avoids problems of expensive, low-quality systems without durable parts and good customer support. Get lasting value with our reliable solar power systems and unparalleled support.


3. Staying ahead in solar technology

At E-Smart Solar, we’re deeply aware of the ever-evolving landscape of solar power technology. We’ve witnessed remarkable advancements, particularly in the realm of batteries, where price has soared while functionalities and integration capabilities have undergone substantial enhancements. Our unwavering commitment to nurturing enduring relationships with our clients extends to our proactive stance on technological evolution.

We strive to stay ahead by keeping up with the latest advancements and bringing them into our work. This dedication ensures that your solar system isn’t just a static installation but an ever-evolving asset. Any upgrades, changes, or novel technologies in the solar sphere seamlessly integrate into your existing setup.

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4. Why solar & battery maintenance is critical

E-Smart Solar provides services to maintain and improve the lifespan and efficiency of your solar system. We know the area around Emu Plains, including the Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury, and Penrith. This knowledge is important because it can have an impact on your solar system.

We offer maintenance services like health checks, cleaning, and fixing weather-related damages to keep your system running efficiently. We inspect and clean solar panels to keep them working well and protect your investment. You don’t have to climb on a dangerous roof.

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5. Empowering your solar journey with E-Smart Solar

E-Smart Solar is your dependable partner in solar energy. Our team, comprising knowledgeable and experienced professionals, provides more than just solar installation services.

We offer ongoing education on how to get the most from your solar system, reliable support, guidance, and comprehensive solar health checks. Our commitment to solar power aligns with our mission to provide seamless service to our clients.

Choose E-Smart Solar for a smooth switch to clean energy. Our dedicated team is committed to green energy and customer satisfaction.

We offer the benefits of our current knowledge of solar technologies. We are dedicated to serving you throughout the entire process. With E-Smart Solar, your transition to solar is a lasting partnership.

Comprehensive after-sales services – what we offer

System monitoring

E-Smart Solar monitors your solar system to find and fix any problems quickly. We fix issues promptly, like efficiency drops or technical glitches. We’ll reach out to you if our remote monitoring detects any problems.

System maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining panels is important because bird droppings, dust, and leaves can reduce solar panel efficiency. Our regular cleaning and maintenance services help maintain optimal performance and prevent long-term damage.

System health checks

The solar inverter is one of the most critical components of your solar system.
We conduct regular health checks to ensure it’s functioning correctly, which is crucial for converting solar energy efficiently.

Battery Storage

For systems with battery storage, E-Smart Solar provides maintenance to ensure your batteries are functioning at their best. We also offer advice and solutions for battery upgrades as newer, more efficient models become available.

Our team is always available to provide expert advice

on how to maximise the benefits of your solar PV system. Whether it’s about energy usage efficiency or understanding new solar incentives, we’re here to help.

The value of after-sales service in the solar industry cannot be overstated. E-Smart Solar, with its local knowledge, is recognised for installation and support excellence. We say go with quality gear and a committed local installation partner who can easily be at hand for system expansions and ongoing maintenance support. E-Smart solar ticks all these boxes.