Solar rebates

are government-initiated programs designed to make solar technology more accessible and attractive for homeowners. These rebates for solar can take various forms, including tax credits, one-time financial support, and performance-based rewards.

The overarching goal of the Federal Government is to promote the adoption of solar solutions, resulting in a cleaner environment, lower energy costs for the system owners, and reduced fossil fuel emissions.

Anyone with a home qualifies for the solar rebate. In regards to businesses, the person who owns the commercial roof is the one who can apply for the solar rebate.


Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs)

E-Smart Solar navigates clients through Australia’s widely recognised Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) scheme. Though it’s gradually phasing out, this program supports those installing small-scale rooftop systems.

Residents receive STCs based on location, current STC values, and the system’s deeming period. E-Smart Solar recommends that residents maximise these incentives before the scheme’s official phase-out in 2030.

The number of STCs depends on the size of the solar system and the solar irradiation in different zones. It is of course very positive that one can purchase a solar array and the Federal Government gives one solar system support. The Clean Energy Regulator manages the scheme.

So when it comes to the rebate the rule is the more sun your area gets the more rebate you can receive. For example, an 8kW solar PV array in Hobart or Melbourne will get a lower rebate than the same size system in Penrith, the Blue Mountains, or the Hawkesbury area.

While some States like Victora supply additional State-based financial solar support as well as interest-free loans, the NSW Governments both Labor and Liberal have not created such additional support.

Nevertheless as sunshine is more abundant in New South Wales than in Victoria, the power generation of a NSW-based solar system will generate a faster ROI than its Victorian counterpart.


Tax breaks for small businesses

E-Smart Solar is not only an expert in solar installations and battery design. We extend our expertise to small businesses, and we can also educate business owners about the 100% tax deduction offered by the Australian Government for solar & battery system purchases.

This presents a valuable opportunity for businesses to enhance sustainability efforts while enjoying financial benefits.


Claiming your solar rebate with the help of E-Smart Solar

While solar rebates present enticing financial benefits, E-Smart Solar emphasises that claiming these incentives involves meeting specific requirements.

We can help you understand the complexity of the small-scale technology certificates when it comes to PV systems and help you claim the solar panel rebate successfully.

Some of the conditions are:

  • The Clean Energy Council has a list of approved panels – Clients must ensure that the panels they have chosen are a Clean Energy Council approved model, so they qualify for the rebates.
  •  CEC-Accredited Installer – E-Smart Solar advocates for engaging CEC-accredited installers to guarantee impeccable installation quality and system functionality.
  • Timely rebate – Residents are advised to claim their rebate within a year from installation to avoid complications with rebate claims. E-Smart Solar facilitates a streamlined process, ensuring prompt and accurate filing, so when it comes to rebates, we can manage it all for you.

Feed-in Tariffs

While Feed-in Tariffs are not a form of solar rebate they also add to the financial benefits of a solar system. They work like this: 

  • Homeowners – They receive feed-in tariffs for excess electricity generated by their solar power system and fed back into the grid.
  • State variations – The rates vary by state and sometimes by retailer, and they can change over time. It’s important to check the current rates in your specific area and E-Smart can recommend certain retailers that offer the best deal.
  • Impact on ROI – Feed-in tariffs while having reduced over the years will still positively affect the return on investment for your solar system, as they can provide ongoing income to offset your initial costs.

Long-term savings:

While the initial setup cost for a solar system is money from your pocket, if you purchase a quality E-Smart solar & battery system, then you will get many many years of bill relief, giving you a positive financial result.

Overall solar savings over decades will be 10s of thousands of dollars, thanks to a combination of STCs, feed-in tariffs, and free electricity from the sun.

In partnership with E-Smart Solar, clients embark on a journey to not only harness the power of solar technology but also to capitalise on financial incentives seamlessly.

We are fully accredited solar panel system installers and we know the small-scale renewable energy rebate system very well. While the scheme does not offer free solar as some misleading advertising claims it is definitely a real assistance to get a decent discount on the market price.

Beyond the installation process, E-Smart Solar’s expertise

transforms the transition to solar into a strategic and informed decision, unlocking the full potential of solar rebates for the benefit of clients and the environment alike. So if you thinking of installing solar & batteries – think E-Smart Solar.