We’re very big on community.

Located in Sydney’s stunning Blue Mountains, E-Smart Solar is incredibly active in both our local community, as well as our industry.

Why? We’re committed to our clients and to helping the industry flourish – one solar panel at a time.

The renewable energy community

We believe in leading by example, and so we’re incredibly proactive in representing the solar industry, as well as advocating for and supporting local energy initiatives.

The local business community

When you’re looking for a local business, you want one that is passionate, as well as proud of their products and their people. This is E-Smart Solar.

We’re incredibly proactive in the Blue Mountains and Penrith business communities. We work alongside and collaborate with other like-minded businesses that share the same goals, ethics, and community commitment. E-Smart Solar is a proud member of:


To us, community is more than just a commitment to environmental or social aspirations. It’s about being proactive in our neighbourhood – whether that is where we work, or where we play, or both – and genuinely making a difference.

Benefits Of Solar

Solar system are one of the most effective assets for your home. Every year a  large percentage of
Australians are enjoying the benefits of solar on your family homes.

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Reduced Electricity Bills

When you generate it, you don’t need to buy it. Goodbye to that nasty quarterly bill!

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Low Maintenance

Once it’s installed by our superstar team, very little needs to be done.

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Reduced Emissions

Our systems are eco friendly.
You are playing your part
– great work!

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Property Value

A great return on investment.

We understand your energy consumption before we do anything else

Because every business is different, we’ll work with you to completely understand your usage and
requirements first. We’ll gain a through understanding of your daily operations and, importantly,
your future plans.

We’ll also look at your power bills and electivity consumption patterns. With your permission, we’ll also install a data logger to track your energy consumption for a week to ten days. The logger will monitor your usage and help us design the most efficient system for your needs.

It also means that you understand the specific numbers around your energy consumption, enabling you to make an informed decision regarding your solar purchase and maximise your return on investment.

Tell me more about your free data-logging service.