Best solar battery solutions in 2024 for the Penrith and Blue Mountains

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7 months ago

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Top three recommended Solar Batteries in 2024

tesla powerwall

Tesla Powerwall 2 – A solid performer

Tesla Battery - one of the best solar battery solutions
One of the best solar battery solutions is Tesla. Founded in 2003, Tesla stands as a global leader in pioneering renewable energy solutions. Beyond their renowned electric cars, Tesla introduced the Tesla Powerwall 1, in 2015, followed by the ever-popular Tesla Powerwall 2.

This premier solar battery is acclaimed for its reliability and robust performance year after year.

In 2024, there has also been the announcement of a new Tesla Powerwall 3. This unit will have an inbuilt inverter and battery combined, and given Elon Musk’s drive for technical excellence, I am sure upon its release further improvements will become known.

We have installed over 100 Tesla Powerwall 2s in the Blue Mountains and Penrith alone and many of our customers love the uninterrupted power supply, offering homeowners a dependable energy source.

The Tesla Powerwall 2 uses lithium-ion as the technology and stores surplus solar energy generated during the day, ready for use during nighttime or power interruptions. Pairing the Powerwall 2 with a solar PV system amplifies its efficiency. During daylight hours, it seamlessly recharges and if the sun’s irradiation light levels are low also discharges for use in the property.

In times of grid outages, the Powerwall seamlessly takes over, becoming your primary energy source. It sustains essential functions, keeping lights on, appliances operational, and devices charged without relying on generators, fuel, or noisy maintenance.

Combined with a decent-sized solar system, the Tesla Powerwall 2 can theoretically face a blackout of many days, because as long as you are not wasteful with the energy it will keep your home powered, while the neighbours wish they invested in solar batteries too.

With the Tesla App, overseeing your Tesla Powerwall’s performance becomes effortless. This mobile app offers real-time insights into your home’s energy production and consumption, empowering you with valuable data on energy usage.

Customise your settings within the app to align with your specific goals, whether it’s enhancing solar savings, achieving energy independence, or ensuring outage protection. Benefit from instant alerts and remote access, enabling control of your system from anywhere, anytime.

Tesla Australia has established a Certified Installer Network for Powerwall and Wall Connector installations and services, ensuring local support from trusted companies. As a Tesla Premium Certified Installer since 2018,          E-Smart Solar stands as one of the Blue Mountains reputable installers for Tesla Powerwall 2.


SolarEdge Batteries – In the top home battery choices

Solar Edge Home Battery

SolarEdge stands as a global leader in intelligent energy solutions, revolutionising solar power harvesting and management in photovoltaic (PV) systems since its inception in 2006.

The SolarEdge intelligent inverter solution redefined power generation, optimizing output while reducing the overall energy production costs for enhanced return on investment. In 2021, SolarEdge introduced its inaugural energy storage solution, the SolarEdge Home Battery.

This innovative battery empowers homeowners to store surplus solar energy, utilising it during peak demand periods or as a backup during power outages. Seamlessly designed to complement other SolarEdge components, it serves as the cornerstone in the SolarEdge Home – a comprehensive energy ecosystem tailored for residential properties.

The SolarEdge Home Battery perfectly complements SolarEdge inverters and solar panels, offering seamless integration whether it’s supporting an existing solar system or installing a new solar setup.

By harmonising with top-tier SolarEdge Inverters and Smart Panels, it consolidates your entire energy system into one cohesive energy-generating source.

SolarEdge offers an expansive cloud-based platform delivering comprehensive monitoring and intelligent energy management solutions. Homeowners, installers, and solar operators can remotely monitor system performance, keep track of energy production, and quickly resolve potential problems in real-time.

This platform includes smart energy management features, empowering users to regulate energy consumption, maximise self-consumption, and participate in demand response programs.

So if you go with SolarEdge you can get the panel, inverter, optimisers and battery all from 1 company, meaning if there is any issue, after-sales will be prompt and convenient.

Byd logo

BYD – Not just EVs
BYD Battery - a great solar battery solution

BYD, a renowned manufacturer of electric vehicles (EVs) and clean energy solutions since its establishment in 1995, has expanded globally and diversified its product line, to include home storage batteries.

Leveraging its expertise in energy storage, BYD offers solar battery-safe solutions tailored for residential, commercial, and industrial needs. These systems optimise energy usage, store surplus renewable energy, and allow for grid stability.

BYD’s array of battery storage solutions, suitable for diverse applications from suburban homes to extensive commercial sites, owes its versatility to the substantial scalability of its battery modules. With BYD, starting small and subsequently increasing storage capacity at any point during the battery’s lifespan is entirely feasible.

One of BYD’s residential battery solutions, the BYD Battery-Box HVS module, comprises 2 to 5 HVS battery modules connected in series, yielding a usable capacity ranging from 5.1 to 12.8 kWh.

Furthermore, the key feature is the ability to upscale – you can directly connect up to 3 identical Battery-Box Premium HVSs in parallel, enabling a maximum capacity of 38.4 kWh. This scalability enables the addition of HVS modules or parallel HVS stacks, offering flexibility even after initial battery installation.

BYD assures the quality and durability of its battery systems, evident in its extensive 10-year warranty, covering material defects and product workmanship for the BYD Battery Box.

For monitoring and management, BYD offers the user-friendly BYD Be Connect App. This application empowers BYD owners to effortlessly oversee system performance, track energy production, and swiftly tackle potential issues in real-time.

Additionally, in Australia, BYD maintains responsive customer support and service networks. Customers can rely on swift resolutions for any concerns during the warranty period, benefiting from localised service provided by Australian-based partners.

How to choose the best solar battery solutions 

Choosing solar system components tailored to your property’s unique requirements and performance objectives is important to maximising your investment. Finding the best solar battery solution varies based on your power consumption patterns, your financial expectations and your available budget.

To discover the right fit, undertaking proper research and consulting with a certified solar installer such as E-Smart is crucial. We can help identify the perfect battery for your setup, so please contact us for advice or a free quote. Our battery and solar-trained friendly staff can assist in your selection process.