What were the performance results of Fiona’s new high efficiency solar panels in the Blue Mountains?

By E-Smart Solar

2 years ago

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We were very keen to put on a solar battery to backup our solar panels and it was a way of obviously using solar electricity into the nighttime to contribute to the greater picture, to even out the peaks and troughs because there’s a lot of people taking on solar panels.

But I do like the idea of generating power close to the source and using it where we are and using the battery to sustain things through the evening for our local use and for moving to the whole grid.

We’ve put on high quality panels with this latest installation, and they’ve been very good. Our first set of panels that we installed around 2008 wasn’t nearly as efficient as the new ones so we’ve moved those to a less good part of the roof and put our best panels in the best sunspot.

So many people say that panels don’t work when the sun’s not up, but we see that on a grey day, even on a wet day, we are actually producing quite a lot of power and it’s really impressive and we’re really thrilled.

I do like the way we can now also check the output of our panels through the apps such as Solar Analytics, which we weren’t able to do with the panels we had in the beginning so we can see they actually perform very well.

High-Quality Solar panel Installation by E-Smart Solar

I particularly wanted to get a local company (E-Smart Solar) that we knew would have to have a good reputation locally. It was good to have somebody come to the house and do a quotation and look at your situation.

The team from E-Smart Solar were very consultative. They asked what we wanted every step of the way, they did very neat work and worked extremely hard and our little cottage looks very good.

I also liked the fact that the battery and solar installation is quite visible so I can share it with friends and visitors and say, look, this actually works.

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