Battery Storage Solutions

Batteries for solar systems are one of the most talked about topics in the solar industry at the moment and this is largely due to one company – Tesla. E-Smart Solar offers the Tesla Powerwall battery storage solution for both new systems and as a retrofit to existing systems, combining our experience with solar with Tesla’s innovation in energy storage.

We are occasionally approached by salespersons offering incentives to push their products, such as optimizers or microinverters. Despite tempting offers like free barbecues or pigs on a spit, we prioritize our reputation and the quality of our recommendations above all else.

While these manufacturers may promise small benefits, we refuse to compromise our integrity for temporary rewards. At E-Smart Solar, we believe that our customers deserve the best solutions for their solar needs, backed by reliable advice and high-quality products.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that we always prioritize the long-term satisfaction and success of our customers over short-term incentives. When you choose E-Smart Solar, you can trust that our recommendations are based on what’s best for you, not on temporary perks.

tesla powerwall solar battery
tesla powerwall

Around 1 in 7 Australian homes have a solar system installed. And despite a 7% fall in consumption, energy prices continue to rise (they’ve increased by a whopping 61% between 2008 and 2014). As a result, solar battery products (which enable you to store your home-grown energy and use it after the sun goes down) are in high demand. But none so much as the Tesla Powerwall.

During the day, your solar panels use the sun’s rays to produce energy. This energy is then used to power your home or business. When the sun goes down, however, your system relies on the electrical grid. But not with the Tesla Powerwall.

The Tesla Powerwall enables you to store surplus your energy during the day (ie energy that your solar panels have created but not used) for use at a later time.

If you’re keen to see just how far you can extend your solar power, talk to us today.

SolarEdge Battery

SolarEdge is renowned for its optimized inverters, the company also possesses substantial expertise in solar batteries. Notably, they were the original battery management system for Tesla. With nearly 100,000 residential systems worldwide equipped with batteries from Tesla and LG, SolarEdge has established a strong presence in the solar battery sector. Additionally, SolarEdge owns Kokam, an industry leader in battery chemistry and utility storage.

BYD Battery Box Premium HVM 8.3 with BMU
Byd logo

BYD’s home battery storage solutions stand at the forefront of energy storage technology, providing both reliability and efficiency.

Distinguished for their unparalleled safety features, these systems utilize lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery chemistry, known for its inherent stability and durability. The selection of this material not only guarantees optimal protection against incidents like overheating but also enhances the battery’s remarkably long lifespan, ensuring years of dependable service.


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