Reposit: Optimise the performance of your solar battery system

By E-Smart Solar

7 years ago

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The Aussie technology that’s said to reduce the payback time on your solar battery by a whopping 50%

It’s been a tough month for Sydney in terms of the heat, but Penrith and the Blue Mountains have really copped it with temperatures in excess of 43.4 degrees. But it’s not all been fun and games relaxing in the air conditioning. Some areas in Penrith, such as Mulgoa, Wallacia and Londonderry, suffered through such torturous power outages that we’re placing one Tesla Powerwall 2.0 Solar Battery order after another.

Especially as Reposit software can help reduce your payback time by 50%.

Just what is ‘Reposit’?

Reposit is an incredibly smart software system that lets you store and trade your solar energy.

It’s the brainchild of two Australians, one an electricity market and software specialist and the other a data analyst scientist. They recognised that although one in five households are now using solar power, there were some fundamental flaws in the way in which those systems engaged with Australian electricity grids. As a result, consumers investing in renewable energy via solar power and battery systems still weren’t getting as big a bang for their buck as they could have been.

Until now, of course, thanks to these Aussie born-and-bred solar geniuses.

How does Reposit work?

Reposit is software that’s been developed specifically to enhance the IQ of your solar battery system. Yup… your solar battery of choice is the monster, and we’re Frankenstein.

We install the Reposit box in your electricity switchboard and connect it to your solar inverter. It then becomes the brains behind your solar power system. One thing to note, though, is that only licensed electricians, such as E-Smart Solar, can install Reposit.

So… we connect it up, plug it in, and the magic happens.

Benefit A: Reposit lights up the brainpower of your solar battery system

Your solar battery system communicates with Reposit servers to access all kinds of data. But not only does it access this data, it also it interprets it before planning the best way forward. In a nutshell, it instructs your battery behave in a far more advanced manner.

The software looks at the latest weather data before planning the best way to use or store your solar energy. It will charge from off-peak before cloudy days, saving you money while still ensuring the tank remains topped up. It learns your daily energy patterns and tunes your battery to reduce reliance on the grid. And it constantly adapts and predicts to various weather predictions, reducing your electricity bills.

Best of all, your battery’s IQ just keeps getting higher (just like coffee for humans). As Reposit software gets to know your home or business’ typical energy use, the management of your solar energy becomes more and refined.

Benefit B: Reposit is a personal stockbroker and solar battery mastermind in one

Here is where Reposit is completely unique. It allows you to make a little extra money from your solar when there is a surge in wholesale electricity prices. How? Just like Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street (but with ethics), it looks at the latest market data and allows your battery to sell excess clean energy for a profit when the grid is short of power and prices are high.

This works via a credit system. Reposit credits are called ‘GridCredits’. These credits have been negotiated with networks and retailers on your behalf to ensure you get paid fairly when you sell energy back to the grid.

When you sell your solar energy back, you’ll receive the payment as a credit on your regular electricity bill.

So with Reposit, not only do you receive tailored electricity plans but also potentially halve the payback time of an average battery via the savings.

“Reposit learns, adapts and predicts your energy usage so you’re getting the most from your solar. What’s more, you’ll save on energy bills which means, on average, you’ll pay off your battery in half the time.”

Reposit power

Is Reposit worth the investment?

In our opinion, without a doubt. And not only for the financial benefits.

Reposit technology will add about 5% to the cost of a battery so, in the context of your investment, you’ll benefit from getting the best control system possible.

And even if it does transpire that the rebates from your GridGredits are minimal, you’re investing in the system of the future. Imagine being able to shut down a coal-fired power plant by replacing it with a sustainable power station that consists solely of residential and business solar and storage systems owned by individuals?

Make sure your solar system works smarter, not harder

Reposit is software that gives your battery system a brain. It’s also great for the environment, supporting the integration of renewable energy into the electricity grid.

It takes your energy consumption data, works with weather data and predicts your power generation for the day. Because it learns your energy usage patterns and understands your electricity tariff, it controls your battery so that:

  • Excess solar generation is captured
  • Your battery is intelligently pre-charged at night, during off-peak hours
  • Your peak energy consumption is offset by your solar battery, and
  • Excess solar energy is sold back to the grid when it will be most beneficial to you.
The high retail price of electricity means that Australia is the third highest country in the world to rely on solar, only second to Denmark and Germany.

It’s a game-changer for the energy market, and E-Smart Solar is qualified to sell, install and commission Reposit technology

E-Smart Solar is a Reposit partner. We’re qualified to sell, install and commission Reposit technology, so if you’re looking to get more out of an existing battery system or want to make the most of a new one, let us show you how.

We’re based in the Blue Mountains, close to Penrith, but service clients Sydney-wide.

What are your thoughts on Reposit?

Do you have, or are considering, a solar battery system? We’d love to hear what you think about Reposit software and your opinion on the future of solar storage and trading – let us know your thoughts!