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Haven’t heard of reposit?

Reposit is an Australian Canberra-based company that develops software for your home energy system. The Reposit Box is installed by an electrician, often at the same time as your battery, and is the brains behind your home’s power system. It plugs into your battery inverter and communicates with Reposit servers to access the latest weather and market data so it can get you the lowest bill.

With Reposit, your battery will behave in a much more advanced way. It will charge from off-peak before cloudy days. It learns your daily energy patterns, and tunes your battery to reduce reliance on the grid. And of course it allows your battery to sell back when the grid is short of power.








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E-Smart Solar is located in Emu Plains and also has an office in Winmalee in the Blue Mountains of NSW.

PO Box 4336
Winmalee, NSW 2777

Unit 18, 152 Old Bathurst Rd, Emu Plains 2750


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