Why did Scenic World in the Blue Mountains use off-grid solar to power their Skyway terminal?

By E-Smart Solar

11 months ago

An E-Smart installation at Scenic World in the Blue Mountains on the East Skyway site for their Skyway cable car is off-grid, making it hard for them to get any supply off the grid to that site.

They had a very small system with only a handful of panels running little communications devices and they wanted something beefier so that they could sell ice creams and tickets at that end of the Skyway.

We created an off-grid system and they’re running with no additional workspace, no additional infrastructure, and all that additional hardware.

At the East Skyway end of the Scenic World, the energy is running a till that enables them to sell tickets as well as their snack stalls which with the existing system was just way beyond the realms of.

Commercial solar power system installation by E-Smart Solar

In regards to our commercial clients, the financial benefit is always at the forefront of people’s minds, but more and more we’re seeing the environmental benefits of interest as well, particularly with Scenic World.

That was one of their core reasons for getting high-quality solar panels. They could have just stuck a generator on their site and burnt fuel to do the job but that was just not in line with what they’re trying to achieve.

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