What are the performance benefits of upgrading an existing solar system with high efficiency panels?

By E-Smart Solar

6 months ago


We initially did have a system put in several years ago. It was a small system of 1.5 kilowatts, but it was a start for us. It cost about $3,000 for the system at that time. The new panels are probably twice the power of the old panels and only marginally 50% bigger, giving us a greater output from the same sized space we’ve got on the house. They’re twice the efficient and we’re getting more power out of the sun. We had the old panels sided to a less efficient part of the house -the roof and so we got the new panels on the more efficient part of the roof, which was fantastic. There was a combination of the old and the new and it’s working tremendously.

High efficiency solar panels

We decided to spend more on our panels this time because we wanted something that we could trust, something that was reliable and we decided that we just wanted quality solar panels. That, as well as the brand name which also gives the best performance. We wanted to have quality products.

Since we’ve had the new panels and a power wall installed, we’ve been 100% self-sufficient energy-wise. It’s all worked tremendously, it’s been seamless. If the power goes out in the street, we don’t even notice it at home. It just completely kicks in.

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