What are the benefits of installing solar power panels and solar storage batteries together?

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5 years ago

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Many Australian households are switching over to solar power. A clean, renewable resource, solar power offers the ability to protect the environment while also reducing monthly costs. Here are some major advantages to installing solar power, in addition to the advantages of using solar storage batteries.

Solar Power for Australian Households

Solar energy is a renewable resource, and it can significantly reduce a household’s energy bills. Rather than having to pay the power company, a household can instead have solar power installed and begin collecting their own energy from the sun’s light.

In Australia, there’s a good deal of sunlight available, and that makes Australia one of the best places for solar power initiatives. If you want your household to go green and to reduce monthly bills, a solar power installation is an excellent option.

How Solar Power Works During the Day/Night Cycle

Solar power is not collected at night, so solar energy doesn’t work at night. If you need energy at night, you need to have some form of solar collection. Either you need a battery to collect your solar power, or you may need to get additional energy from the power grid. Many households work with the local power grid, selling excess energy during the day, and purchasing energy during the night.

In addition to not collecting power during the night, solar power often can’t collect energy during cloudy days. During days when the sun is significantly obscured, households may need to store their power in batteries instead.

The Benefits of Installing Battery Storage With Your Solar System

The only problem with solar-powered systems is that solar energy can be intermittent. Since the sun isn’t always shining (and isn’t always at its peak effectiveness), there can be fluctuations in the amount of energy you’re receiving. Further, you can have fluctuations in the amount of energy you’re using: you might find that you sometimes have guests, do more cooking than usual, or are just experiencing extreme temperatures.

Battery storage can help. With battery storage, your solar system is able to set aside energy for later, like your own personal energy grid. Here are some of the benefits of battery storage:

You won’t need to pull extra power from the grid. Pulling power from the grid is expensive and often defeats the purpose of a solar power panel. Not only will you need to pay for the power that you pulled, but you’ll also be paying for fossil fuels and other types of less renewable energy resource.

You can get power whenever you need it, even if your power usage increases. Not everyone’s power usage stays static, and that can be a problem for those who rely solely on solar power panels. Solar storage batteries will ensure that you have additional power to pull on, even if your energy usage suddenly goes up.

You won’t “waste” additional energy. When additional energy is produced by your solar system, you’ll either need to sell it back to the grid or it will go nowhere at all. This is a missed opportunity. With the right array of solar storage batteries, you can ensure that your system catches all of the available energy.

You can ditch the extra generator. The alternative to pulling power from the grid is often using a generator. Generators burn fuel, however, and are usually very loud. A solar storage battery will connect seamlessly to your existing solar solution, in an easy to use and non-disruptive way.

Battery storage provides a more consistent, reliable energy solution. If you’ve already installed solar panels, solar storage batteries can provide a significant upgrade. If you’re thinking about solar energy, solar batteries allow solar panels to operate much more effectively.

Reduce Your Electricity Bills through Stored Power

Many people have heard of the “buy back” program, which allows households to sell energy back to the power company when it has excess. While this can be a way of making additional money and paying off other household expenses, it’s usually more valuable to keep stored power for your household. Energy companies will pay less through a “buy back” program than they will get selling the electricity back to you, so it’s in your vested interest to store this energy for when you need it.

Solar panels are the way of the future, but they do come with some negatives. Solar panels can’t work when solar energy isn’t available, which includes nights and cloudy days. To mitigate this issue, you can always install solar storage batteries. With solar storage batteries, you can operate your own personal energy supply, and store energy for when you need it the most.

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