What are solar power cowboys and why are their solar power systems a waste of money?

By E-Smart Solar

3 years ago

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The solar industry is renowned for cowboys. That’s a word that gets thrown quite often. Anything that has a government rebate attached to it may lend itself to that sort of thing.

During site visits, E-Smart will always ask:

  • How much the client is using in their home in terms of power usage.
  • When they use it and how the house runs.
  • What they say – this would affect how we design the system.
  • Where the panels go.
  • How many panels go in a particular direction.

We weigh all that up on a case by case assessment and it’s not just an out-of-the-box solution.

There would definitely be companies out there that have a slap-it on attitude. The salespeople that need to make their commission, sign on the dotted line and off you go. Then they pass it on to a subcontractor that might be their first day on the job and you’ve just signed your money over and you don’t really know what you’re going to get. That definitely still exists in the industry for sure.

High Quality Solar Power System

If the installer is not as experienced and the decision gets made on the day of installation and that some bit would go in a different location, it could dramatically affect how the system performs.

Lower quality panels that may not last the warranty period or may not be backed up by a company in 10 or 15 years, could end up worthless and in a landfill. The investment into high quality solar and the resulting longer warranties is definitely going to mean less of a headache going forward.

Some homeowners that we go and see have previously installed a system that are certainly not of the best quality and a few years down the track, it would not perform as we hope it would. We would revisit the site assessed, see what the homeowner is dealing with and put in a far superior and more efficient system. That being said, if the homeowner had gotten a high-quality system installed in the first place, they would have saved the investment on that initial system.

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