True or False? Solar is too expensive

By E-Smart Solar

4 years ago

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Solar panels have a wide range in purchase prices. Some 5 kW systems can be purchased for under $4000. On the higher end, these systems can cost upwards of $10,000. For those interested in purchasing solar panels, one of the first questions they normally ask is whether or not there is a huge difference in the efficiency and effectiveness of solar panels sitting on the lower and higher ends of the price range. The answer is yes, there is, and we would encourage you to understand the benefit of investing in a quality solar system.

Solar Panel Study in Australia

There hasn’t been a lot of research on the differences between lower and higher-end solar panels. This is mainly because the solar boom didn’t start until the turn of the century. In Australia, the solar boom hit in 2007. This means solar panel researchers now have about a decade’s worth of Australian data to analyze to see whether the higher-end panels performed better than the cheaper ones.

Recent studies conducted using the data confirm that you get what you pay for when it comes to solar panels. When you pay a bit more, this results in the system having a more robust inverter. This translates into higher levels of efficiency, meaning a higher output. During the life of the system, the higher quality parts making up the more expensive panels produce a higher return on investment.

It was also found that not only did the cheaper systems produce less efficiency, but their inverters didn’t last nearly as long as the inverters on the more expensive systems. Inverters on cheaper systems lasted an average of five years while higher-end inverters lasted anywhere from 10 to 13 years. This is a clear indication that the more expensive systems are made using higher quality parts than the cheaper systems, and the use of higher quality parts results in a longer-lasting system that provides a greater return on investment.

It’s also been found that higher-quality parts make solar panel systems safer than ones with cheaper parts. Furthermore, many of the cheaper systems don’t come with warranties or don’t meet certain criteria to qualify for some rebate programs.

How to Choose Solar Panel System

When shopping for a solar panel system, it is important to compare systems. You want a system that comes with high-quality parts, a warranty, customer service options, and more. It’s also important to purchase one from a company with good reviews and that has been working in the industry for many years.

There is no one-size-fits-all system package that works for every customer. Your system has to be customized to meet your needs. This will largely impact the total overall cost of the system and its installation time. When you go with a system that has quality parts, you can definitely achieve a good return on your investment.

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