How did solar power monitoring help to find baseload power waste at a commercial business?

By E-Smart Solar

3 years ago

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In regards to our commercial clients, the financial benefit is always at the forefront of people’s minds.

Our clients at J.K Williams run offices there during the day, but they also have virtually around-the-clock maintenance on their machines. There’s always something happening in their workshop day and night, and obviously as a result, quite heavy energy consumption.

E-Smart put on some monitoring equipment and were able to identify quite a significant waste of baseload, which the people at J.K Williams didn’t even know was happening and that was occurring at nighttime. With the monitoring, we were able to, in conjunction with the solar, save them a huge amount of energy during the daytime and we were also able to identify a significant amount of waste that was happening at night and save energy and money.

High Quality Solar Power System Installation by E-Smart Solar

More and more we’re seeing the environmental benefits of interest as well. For our commercial clients, more often than not, the financial benefit will be at the forefront above the environmental benefit but with a good quality solar system, it’s really a no-brainer. They want to just touch it once – put it on the roof and know it’s going to do its job and also to put it up for the lifespan of the equipment, and wouldn’t need to worry about it again.

The system’s paid for itself in five years’ time, and it’s going to sit on the roof without any problems for another 20 years, continue to make money and the warranty will extend for that whole 25 year period.

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