How did optimisers help overcome the shading issues for a solar power system in the Blue Mountains?

By E-Smart Solar

3 years ago

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At John’s place up in Katoomba, at the forefront of their mind is the climate change issue.

We’ve added a significant upgrade to their solar system, as well as batteries. Thus, he is absolutely positive in terms of his carbon footprint. Using only a handful of kilowatt-hours a day, he’s doing his bit from an environmental point of view.

In the Blue Mountains region, probably our biggest issue is shade from neighbouring trees – another reason why we always want to go on site. This is to also have a close assessment of the customer’s site/aspect and advise them on what the best solution would be for them.

How it works

For places like John’s in Katoomba, there are lots of trees around. It’s quite a bushy block and to get the best out of the system, we installed some optimisers as well. This has been getting panel level performance and better outputs overall.

Each panel connects to an optimiser, and that will negate any shading issues that we see on the roof as a whole where one panel doesn’t drag down the others and have a negative effect on a panel that would normally be under the sun.

The battery is then charged by excess solar power that is being produced during the daytime so that they comfortably get through the night without having to buy any power off-the-grid at all.

There is always the underlying environmental benefit of what solar can do

A residential installation payback period would take about four to five years for a standard grid connect system but there’s obviously a design aspect to a solar system and it’s important to know the pros and cons of a particular design, how much it is going to save etc.

We find that our E-Smart customers always want to make a solid investment that’s going to sit up on their roof for 25 years without any stress.

Allow us to get you where you want today with your solar needs! If you have any questions about shading on solar panels –  contact us.