10 ways to improve your eco credentials at home

By E-Smart Solar

8 years ago

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Sometimes the smallest changes can have the biggest impact

Getting started is often the hardest step – whether it be writing your very first blog post (eek!) or reducing your carbon footprint. We hear you!

But often, it’s the culmination of small changes that have the largest impact. As a result we’ve put together a simple list to get you on your way to improving your eco credentials around the home.

Buy in season…

Avoid fruit and veggies that have been flown halfway around the world and shop at your local farmers market. Not only will you be supporting local suppliers, you’ll have less plastic in your life and a far better taste in your mouth!

Fix that tap!

It’s difficult to conceptualise, but a slow leaking tap can waste an incredible 20,000 litres of water per annum. That’s the entire amount available each year to many people around the world.

 Say no to plastic

In excess of 450,000 recyclable plastic supermarket bags are dumped into landfill every hour (horrifying but true!). Be prepared, and bring your own bags when grocery shopping.

 Use the cold wash

About three-quarters of the energy and greenhouse gas emissions from washing a load of laundry comes purely from heating the water. There’s no need to boil your load; manage your settings and just chill.

Use a dishwasher

It’s not a myth, it’s true – washing up by hand with hot water and rinsing really does leave a bigger carbon footprint than a dishwasher.

Fill your dishwasher, put it on an energy efficient setting and go tend to your herbs…

Grow your own herbs

They taste better, give you a chance to get outside in the sunshine, you’ll save money and you’ll never have a bland dish again. Too easy!

Use your (good old Aussie) hills hoist

Reduce your carbon footprint by using the great Aussie invention, the Hills Hoist. Relish the warmth of the sunshine on your clothes. It beats a dryer any day and you’ll have the extra coins in your pocket.

Recycle your plastic bags

Sometimes plastic bags are unavoidable; the good news is that most supermarkets have recycling stations for your convenience. Save your plastic bags and next time you’re at the shops, pop them into the recycling – it’s that simple.

Avoid free bags

How many do you really need? Around the world, we use and throw away a trillion recyclable bags every year. Crazy! Bring your own bags, dust off your Nanna’s trolley, or just carry your shopping in your hot little hands.

Use renewable energy

Electricity accounts for about 53% of the energy used in Australian households but creates around 87% of the greenhouse gas emissions (DEWHA 2008). Limit your greenhouse gas emissions where you can by utilising renewable energy sources, such as solar panels.

Do you have any more tips?

We’d love to know your thoughts and tips for an eco friendly home! Comment below and let us know your tips for reducing your carbon footprint – we love new ideas!