Quality Solar & Battery bundles, designed for reliability, efficiency and comfort with E-Smart Solar

Tired of rising electricity bills and power outages?

At E-Smart Solar, we offer tailored solar battery combo packages designed to meet your specific energy needs, ensuring long-term energy independence.

Our solutions are ideal for households and businesses in the Blue Mountains, Penrith, and surrounding areas.


Why choose Solar & Battery over solar only?

Solar Panels

Year-Round Solar Savings

Discover unbeatable prices on our solar and battery combo packages! Consult with our expert team to get personalised advice and ensure you make the best purchase for your energy needs.

Exclusive Solar & Battery Deals

New to solar? Enjoy incredible discounts by pairing a Tesla Powerwall or Sungrow battery with an eSmart Solar system. Contact us for customized advice.

No more power bill worries

Say goodbye to fluctuating energy costs and high power bills. A properly sized home storage battery empowers you to manage electricity expenses and maximize savings year after year.

Reliable Backup Power

Store extra energy for anytime use, ensuring your lights and essential appliances stay on during power outages. Enjoy guaranteed home comfort.
Solar Battery

Ensure Reliable Blackout Protection

Prepare for a Less Stable Grid – Protect Yourself Today

Advanced Smart Home Battery Systems

Energy Independence for Penrith and Emu Plains

Our smart home battery systems easily connect to your solar panels, giving you reliable power during blackouts. With more EVs charging, the grid might become less stable. Protect yourself now with solar and battery solutions.

Keep the Lights On!

During a power outage, our smart batteries take over, keeping your lights, appliances, and Wi-Fi running smoothly. Stay connected and maintain your routine, even when the grid goes down.
Tesla Battery

Solar batteries let you use solar power all day and night, providing energy independence and peace of mind for homes in Penrith and Emu Plains.

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Ensure your energy independence and save with our Solar & Battery combos!

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Solar & Battery package

Get great savings when you pair a Tesla Powerwall or Sungrow modular battery with an eSmart Solar system. We’ll remove your old solar system for free.

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for your Solar & Battery Solutions
e-Smart Solar & Battery Team

Trusted Local Expertise

With over 15 years of industry experience, E-Smart Solar is a trusted and friendly installer in Emu Plains, serving the Blue Mountains and Penrith areas. Our deep local roots and over 4000 installations highlight our commitment to quality service.

High-Quality Equipment

We use only top-quality, well-known brands to ensure your solar system is reliable and efficient. Our PV equipment is selected for durability and performance, especially suited for the local climate conditions.

Precision Installations

Our installations are meticulous, ensuring attention to detail and adherence to Clean Energy Council guidelines. We provide comprehensive education to maximize the long-term benefits of your system.

Reliable Customer Service

Being local means we offer reliable, personalised customer service. Our team is easily reachable for support, ensuring clear communication and timely assistance tailored to your specific needs.

Trust E-Smart Solar for customised, top-notch solar & battery solutions that provide great financial benefits for years to come.

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E-Smart Solar’s environmental commitment

Being located between Penrith and the beautiful Blue Mountains, E-Smart Solar is very dedicated to environmental sustainability.

Our company adheres to five principles that resonate with the local ethos, including promoting efficient resource use among employees, recycling old solar components, using long-lasting quality solar products, recycling our waste and encouraging sustainable practices among our suppliers.


We begin every project by conducting a comprehensive evaluation. This evaluation utilises our local expertise in geography, power usage, and specific conditions. The purpose of this evaluation is to develop a personalised renewable energy solution.


Customised systems are designed, considering factors such as optimal panel placement, aesthetics, and the unique structural characteristics of these communities.


We prepare a clear, all-inclusive quote, usually with a number of options. Our documents also outline warranty details and product specifications, 


We install to high standards and follow all guidelines from the Clean Energy Council. We install solar systems according to the high standards and guidelines set by the Clean Energy Council. Additionally, we provide clients with comprehensive education on maximising the long-term benefits of their system. This education is presented in a clear and easy manner.


E-Smart Solar provides after-sales technical and warranty support, ensuring ongoing satisfaction for all our customers from Lithgow to Kingswood, near Penrith.

Please contact us at (02) 4703 5411. We can assist you with checking an old small PV system. We can also discuss adding more solar panels, a battery, or a new PV and home storage battery system.