Welcome to our “Refer a new refer a friend program”.


We’re thrilled to introduce the E-Smart Solar refer a friend & family program, where you and your friends can share in the rewards of sustainable, quality, long-lasting energy solutions.

As a valued member of our community, when you refer a friend to E-Smart Solar, both of you will benefit from this program.

When you refer a friend to E-Smart Solar, not only will they experience the exceptional service and quality products that define us, but both yourself and the new customer will earn a generous $150 referral payment and system discount (Total of $300). This program applies for solar or battery purchases or solar & battery combo purchases.

How it works


Spread the word

Share your positive experience with E-Smart Solar with your friends, family, and colleagues. Let them know about the benefits of choosing clean, sustainable energy solutions from E-Smart. Then we will issue great rewards for referring friends and family. We appreciate customer loyalty and these referral initiatives create a clear win-win situation.

Your friend makes a purchase

When your friend decides to purchase with E-Smart Solar, they’ll have access to the same high-quality products and excellent service that you enjoyed.

You both reap the rewards

As a token of our appreciation, E-Smart Solar will reward you with a $150 referral payment once your friend completes their purchase. We will also give your friend a one of $150 discount on their system purchase. We appreciate your support for excellent, local, environmentally-friendly solar energy solutions and for participating in our referral program! Thank you!


Why should you recommend E-Smart Solar??


Exceptional E-Smart products

Our range of solar solutions bears the E-Smart mark of quality, longevity, and efficiency. Your friend will benefit from cutting-edge technology that ensures a reliable and sustainable energy source for decades. You might have seen our many 5-star Google reviews and we strongly believe in word-of-mouth marketing and making sure we keep the referral process simple.

Expert E-Smart installation

Our team of E-Smart industry-certified and accredited specialists guarantees a seamless installation process. You can trust that we will set up your friend’s E-Smart solar & battery system with precision and care.

Outstanding E-Smart service

E-Smart Solar prides itself on delivering exceptional service. From initial inquiries and advice to post-installation support, your friend will experience the same level of care and dedication that sets E-Smart apart.

E-Smart environmental impact

By choosing E-Smart solar solutions, your friend contributes to a cleaner energy future. They’ll be making a positive impact on the environment while enjoying the benefits of renewable energy, E-Smart quality style.


How to refer


Why not tell your friends about E-Smart. Send your friend’s contact details to E-Smart Solar via the contact section of is page.

They make an E-Smart solar / battery purchase and mention your recommendation after you register on the E-Smart refer a friend page.

When your friend makes a qualifying purchase, you both win! They get top-notch E-Smart solar solutions and a $150 discount and you also receive a $150 Coles or Myer gift card.

Celebrate the E-Smart rewards

Once we confirm your E-Smart Solar purchase, we will reach out to you with details on how to claim your E-Smart rewards.


Terms and Conditions:

  • E-Smart Referral payments are valid only for qualifying purchases made by the referred friend.
  • To qualify for the system discount and the referral payment, friends who receive a referral must make an E-Smart purchase within three months of the referral.
  • After the completion of the friend’s E-Smart purchase, we will apply the E-Smart referral discount and gift card payment.
  • No limit exists to the number of friends you can refer, so spread the word and maximise your E-Smart Solar rewards!

Ready to refer a friend and you both earn $150 with E-Smart Solar? Share the benefits of clean energy solutions today and let’s create a sustainable future together, the E-Smart way! So tell your friends about us.